A Historical Life, Career and Strategy World

A Historical Multiplayer Strategy Game
The Entire 18th Century World
Rewrite History
152 Historic Seafaring nations
Politics and Power
Elections, Ministers, Governors and Commanders
Diplomacy and Intrigue
Treaties, Espionage, Corruption
Land and Sea Warfare
Command, Strategize, Serve and Conquer
Explore the World
Discover 760 Ports and Capitals of the World
Level up by Learning
Qualify at Universities and Academies
Create your Family
Tell the story of 10 Family Characters
Economics and Business
Manage, Produce, Build, Create and Trade
Realistic Command
Manage unique Crew, Workers and Soldiers
Help Fund the Game
Donate, Pre-purchase, Invest, Support

A historically realistic simulation and strategy MMORPG project

Rulers of the Sea is a game that features in 1750 and encompasses the entire world. Play with your family, manage your business, command your men and run your nation in an ever changing world of complex economics, business, crafting, politics and diplomacy.

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Politics and power

Gamers run the 152 historical nations of the world in constitutional monarchies. The Lords elect a Prime-Minister that appoints a Cabinet and Governors to determine policies, run the economy, distribute the rule of law, command army and navy and conduct diplomacy and war.


Rise in the army or navy ranks, be a politician, run a business or become a trader, hunt for Whale or Fish, go into shipping or law, build ships or arms, be a tailor or writer, heal the sick, make maps, write books, or turn to privateering and piracy.


Rulers of the Sea revolves around your role as a leader. In a company you are the manager, on a ship you are the captain and in the army you are the officer. You recruit, manage and develop a staff of unique npc characters that build their own careers and can be recruited by other gamers once they leave your service.

Land and Sea Warfare AS A COMMANDER

Warfare revolves around command. You are a Captain or Officer. You stand with your feet on the quarterdeck or shoulder to shoulder with your soldiers and issue orders. You recruit your men, train and drill them, manage them, promote them. You maintain, equip and improve your ship or equipment. You have their lives in your hands while you face off against another commander (PvP or PvE).

tell your Family Story

Each gamer starts the game with a family. They choose the names, origin, nationality and home of the family and can play with multiple characters to pursue different careers and activities and let each of them create their own stories.

Level up by learning

In Rulers of the Sea you don't have to perform boring and grinding tasks to advance. To qualify for new positions and skills you follow a course and complete an exam at a university or academy to gain a qualification.

Explore the World

With a global map of 760 ports and cities of great cultural diversity, governed by 152 historical nations and ruled by real-world time-zones, gamers of every nationality can find a place where they feel at home or they would love to explore. Speaking your own language or role-playing your own history is welcomed as diversity and national stories are what will make Rulers of the Sea a success.

Economics and Business

The global- and regional economy is varied and complex. Governments rule central banks, stock markets and currencies, while citizens can start a great array of family business types, both producing goods for the markets or for gamers, such as ships, weaponry, clothes and sea charts. Gamers can also run the taverns, inns, clubs or hospitals. Family businesses can grow into joint stock companies and dominate markets of their choice.