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Famous Historical NPC's in the game! Please add any character you would like to appear.  

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Isidore Lolona

1. Name : Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d'Eon de Beaumont

    also known as : Chevalier d'Eon

2. Birthday and place : 5 octobre 1728 - Tonnerre (France)

3. Date of death : 21 mai 1810 - Londres (United Kingdom) - buried Saint-Pancras Old Church

4. Rank and Status : Lawyer, writer, military, diplomat, spy. (most probably lawyer in 1750)

5. What type of character : can be seen at the french court, close to the King

6. Where they should appear : Paris (France) then later could be seen in Saint-Petersbourg court and in London too.

7. Chevalier d'Eon is considered one of the first french spies, was a spy for Louis XV, one of the agents serving the king in his "Secret du Roi". By derogation in 1748 he was lawyer in the parliament of Paris. Excellent at horse riding and even better at fencing, known as one of the best sword of France. He served as a spy in Saint-Petersbourg disguised as a woman to be able to access to the Tsarina. Will serve in London. Famous duel vs Chevalier de Saint-George in Carlton House in presence of the Prince of Wales, Georges Auguste de Hanovre (rumored to be the son of the Chevalier). He won the duel.

8. Thomas Stewart – Chevalier d'Eon.jpg


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1. Name : Hubert de Brienne de Conflans

2. Birthday and place : 1690 at Henriville (Lorraine, France)

3. Date of death : 27 january 1797 - Paris (france)

4. Rank and Status : officer in the marine, noble man with the title of count

5. What type of character : he is a loyal servitor of the king and a great commandant. He serves the crown during the war of succession of Spain, Pologne, Austia. In 1750, he was chef d'escadre and gouvernor general of Saint-Domingue.

6. Where they should appear : The island of Saint-Domingue was cut in two between Spain and France. He should be with his navy at Cap-Français.

7. In 1751, he is replaced as governor general by Dubois de la Motte. In 52, he is promoted lieutenant general of naval armies. During the seven years war, he was near Brest with the Ponant fleet to protect the city and the arsenal but was humiliated by the english during the battle of the Cardineaux. He died in Paris in disgrace


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1. Name : Louis-François-Armand de Vignerot du Plessis, duc of Fronsac the of Richelieu, prince, count and baron

2. Birthday and place : 13 may 1696 (Paris, France)

3. Date of death : 8 august 1788

4. Rank and Status : noble man, his highest rank is duc.

5. What type of character :He is grand-nephew of the famous cardinal of Richelieu(under Louis XIII). He is a courtisan (very influent to the king), a libertin and a good commandant in the army. 

6. Where they should appear : probably in Paris to be in contact with the king but he should go in the city to have fun.

7. He is very famous to be a libertin. In 1750, he is not maried, his two previous spouses died, the last in 1740. He have a young son and a young girl. He is member of the Academy of science, a maréchal de France sinc 1748 but not in good relationship with the mistress of the king, madame de Pompadour, because she wanted to mary her daughter (born in 1744) to his son but he doesn't agreed. He proves is bravery at Fontenoy in 1745 witch was a great french victory during succession of Austria. He is cunning when it comes to strategies and he's known as "the père maraude" witch mean his troops plunder the territory where it is.


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1. Name : Joseph François Dupleix

2. Birthday and place : 1st january 1687 (Landrecies, France)

3. Date of death : 10 november 1763

4. Rank and Status : Commoner, it seems, son of a fermier général (finances). He is governor of Pondichéry since 1742 and commandant of the general forces of the french establishment in India. He his loyal to the king and the Compagnie Royale des Indes orientales.

5. What type of character : He is a good buisnessman and a brillant administrator. He make Chandernagor prosper again and work really hard to make the kingdom of France powerfull in India. Contrary to the ambition of the Compagnie Royale des Indes orientale, he want France to be an actor in India. He has good relationship with several kingdom in India. He is helped by de Bussy witch is a very good diplomat and soldier. He don't hesitate to engage his fortune to make his ambition come true. He know that the principale obstacle to that in India are the British and in France the Compagnie witch want immediate profit and not the conquest of India.

6. Where they should appear : He should appear at Pondichéry, Karaika, Mahé, Yanaon and Chandernagor but principaly at Pondichéry.

7. His politic in India was very effective and it was during his mandat that France was at its prime in India. He ruined himself to make the kingdom powerfull but was replaced in 1754 because he was judge to ambicious and not in ligne with the politic of the Compagny. England was very satisfied by this decision and use it to became the suprem power in india for a long time. Even after is depart, de Bussy continue is politic but have to obey the successor of Dupleix, the arrogant and ignorant comte de Lally. Dupleix dieid in poverty and forgotten of all.


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  1. Name: Ioannis Vlachos Daskalogiannis
  2. DOB:1722(?) Chania,Crete
  3. DOD: 17 June 1771 Heraklion,Crete
  4. Rank and status: A commoner- Shipbuilder and shipowner, rebel,soldier, town cleck in 1750, chairman of the region of Sfakia in 1765.
  5. What type of character: Recruitable character- Maybe a member of the House of Lords
  6.  Where he should appear: Heraklion,Crete or Chania,Crete

  7. Ioannis Vlachos, better known as Daskalogiannis  (1722/30 – 17 June 1771) was a wealthy shipbuilder and shipowner who led a Cretan revolt against Ottoman rule in the 18th century.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daskalogiannis

    ΙΩΑΝΝΗΣ ΒΛΑΧΟΣ ΔΑΣΚΑΛΟΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ - Villa Terra Creta - Luxury Villa Crete
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  1. Name: Pierre-Augustin Caron later 'de Beaumarchais'
  2. DOB:24th of January 1732, Paris
  3. DOD: 18th of May 1799 Paris
  4. Rank and status: Commoner and polymath 
  5. What type of character: Commoner, first an inventor and then influential at court, theatres and academies. Character who reappears often in the news and the world.       
  6.  Where he should appear: In Paris and at the court of Louis XV, Academy of Sciences, at the theaters, Military Academy...later on everywhere as a spy, investor and diplomat. 
  7. A jack-of-all trades, will be interested in financial and political adventures that will bring him money and status. Is he loyal? Sure, as long as he gains from it. An inspiration to the commoners. Approachable.
  8. Born a Parisian watchmaker's son, Beaumarchais rose in French society and became influential in the court of Louis XV as an inventor and music teacher. He made a number of important business and social contacts, played various roles as a diplomat and spy, and had earned a considerable fortune before a series of costly court battles jeopardized his reputation. An early French supporter of American independence, Beaumarchais lobbied the French government on behalf of the American rebels during the American War of Independence.
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Isidore Lolona

to add just a little thing about Beaumarchais, he was a spy in the Secret du roi (like Chevalier d'Eon) and was also arms dealer for the king (he supplied weapons to the american patriots). So basicaly he could appear everywhere the king wants him to be. He also published Voltaire. He is watchmaker in 1750 and will be the royal family furnisher. He will be harp teacher to Mesdames (the 4 daughters of the king Louis XV). he will be patronized by "le Prince de Conti", Prince du sang, Head of the Secret du roi.

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D'après Jean-Marc Nattier, Portrait de Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais (Bibliothèque-musée de la Comédie-Française) -001.jpg

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