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Do you have questions about Rulers of the Sea? Are you curious to know more about the project? Do you want to chat with the team of Deadeye Games or do you have suggestions for them? Do you want to meet other fans, help with the project or report bugs? Or just read stories?

Our community forum is the place where all questions can be asked.  We publish news and updates. There are FAQ’s, game topic discussions and every other topic people want to talk about. 

The community of Rulers of the Sea is a nice place for lovers of history, roleplaying, world culture and games, the perfect combination. 


The people just as friendly, intelligent, lovely, civilized and friendly as you! Because if you like Rulers of the Sea, you are pretty much perfect in our book and we’d love to meet you!

We encourage an open culture and we have no secrets for our fans. You can ask us anything and count on an honest, friendly and respectful answer.

So come and join the ‘inner circle’ of Rulers of the Sea on the forum.

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