The Project

We like to keep everyone updated on the status and progress of the project to make Rulers of the Sea a reality. In the news area you will find relevant updates, as well as on the forums in the community area, where you can follow and take part in discussions on all topics of the game. 

Below you find an overview of our current main activities and their progress. Feel free to join any discussion, or to contact us directly on any topic regarding the project.

Community Campaign

  • Campaign Preparation

    Build website and resources.

  • Friends & Family Campaign

    Softlaunch of the campaign for friends and family.

  • Facebook Community Campaign

    Initiate Facebook ad campaign.

  • Game Teaser

    Produce a high quality teaser.

  • YouTube Community Campaign

    Initiate YouTube ad campaign.

  • Gamer Shares

    Start the investor certificate programme

  • Merchandise Shop

    Online shop with cool Deadeye Games and RotS merchandise goodies

Game Development

  • High Level Technical Design

    High level design describing the game components and possible solution scenario's.

  • Interactive World Map

    Create interactive database map tool to present the game nations (capitals, ports, flags, monarchs).

  • Family/Character Creator

    Create an early access family and character creator

  • Game Engine Selection

    Selection of the Game Engine and networking middleware solutions.

  • Infrastructure Design

    Design of server architecture, selection of network and server infrastructure and selection of deployment platforms.


Community Members*

* Our Community sources are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, the Newsletter, our official Discord and our Forum.