30.000 Community Members!

Rulers of the Sea reached 30.000 supporters!

Dear fans and supporters of Rulers of the Sea,

Late 2019 we started our community campaign for our new historical video game (MMORPG) project! Since then we’ve been steadily growing to the number of 30.000 supporters (reached at July 20)!

Our supporters are divided across Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and our own newsletter and forum. When we add them all up we now reach 30.000. Apart from these we have additional followers on Discord and Instagram. 

Your support means a lot to us! 

Our followers are a ‘proof of concept’, we need you to prove to investors that our project has a viable community that wants to see Rulers of the Sea become a reality. And we’re not disappointed!

Not only do we have 30.000 followers, we have achieved much more.

We reached more than 70.000 dollars in pre-subscription sales, sponsorship and the sale of gamer shares, enough income to keep the marketing going.

51.335 unique visitors have visited our website 331.139 times. This means that around two-thirds of visitors become a part of the community. The beating heart of that community is the forum, which is growing every day and posted 5.377 times in 638 topics so far.

We can’t express how important your support is. Especially those that engage by leaving comments, likes and recommendations, subscribe, join our newsletter, the forum, invest in gamer shares, subscriptions, sponsor us and contribute in so many other ways. Investors want to see an active community, and you show that to them. Your engagement is invaluable!

We humbly thank you and hope to keep you on board to continue sharing the dream with you!

The team of Deadeye Games

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